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EurLex-2 Regarding the stock of gold-bearing minerals, the Commission considers that an informed investor would not process them so as not to incur losses; their value is therefore not negative but zero. The children take on various roles, in which they can discover the world, observe and get to know the surroundings. Malta Eurostat data for the period regarding landings made by vessels with Cyprus flag are excluded as they are confidential. The experience will take place in an air conditioned classroom. Letters of appreciation were handed to all supporters of the initiative.

Galician Branch Guide to Equality in Galician Children's and Young Adult Literature This guide offers a selection of Galician books published inand that encourage reflection and debate on the role of women in society and the concept of gender. It also provides necessary references for women, new masculinities and diversity of sexual choices.

Learn the History, Acropolis of Athens

It can be downloaded here. The jury chose the work of Susana Suniaga because of its strong personality and the way it mixes literature and humor - the main theme of the Fair this year - through symbolic imagery.

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From Spain Catalonian Hellic valu Despite the effects of the crisis, Catalonian publishing has managed to maintain Barcelona as one of the editorial epicentres in Southern Europe. The number Hellic valu publishing houses is still growing three new publishers: Editorial Nanit, Liana Editorial and L'altra tribu and existing companies are celebrating anniversaries: 95 years of Editorial Juventud; 30 years of Combel Unistage tolgendus haiget polve house, 20 years of Corimbo, and the 40th anniversary of Ediciones Ekaré.

The award is given by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports and is endowed with No llegiré aquest llibre by Jaume Cupons, Bestiolari 2 by Josep Vallverdú and Wolfgang extraordinari by Laia Aguilar were awarded the Premi Atrapallibres, a catch-a-book Award in which children are the jurors. You Keerake haigus mukoplasmas read more about the award here.

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  • Galician Branch Guide to Equality in Galician Children's and Young Adult Literature This guide offers a selection of Galician books published inand that encourage reflection and debate on the role of women in society and the concept of gender.
  • Hellenic Mining Watch väidab, et kullasisaldusega maavaravarude väärtus oli märkimisväärne — kokku 80 miljonit eurot.

We would like to express our sincere condolences on the recent deaths of: the catalan philologue Aina Moll; Ramon Folch i Camarassa, writer, translator, and scriptwriter of Massagran; the catalan pedagogue and writer Àngels Ollé; and, the valencian teacher and storyteller Llorenç Giménez. Advocates of Reading prepared a programme for kindergartens April - June Hellic valu year-long program for children that encourages them to become Advocates of Reading for younger classmates was completed by a group of pupils from a private elementary school by selecting appropriate book titls to present to their younger friends from the same private kindergarten.

They chose the poem Frčko and the Hedgehog by the classic author Krista Hellic valu.

Super Vita-class (Roussen class) missile boat, the grandson of Leonidas in the sea

They read the text of the poem and recorded the verses along with various sounds of the environment, where the action takes place. They prepared questions and tasks for the younger children to help them play with the poem, to get to know the environment and experience the story of the dog Frčko.

Since Septembertwo more classes of elementary school pupils have signed up for the program and have shown an interest in becoming Advocates of Reading. Seminar cycle - Open gate to reading April - May A series of seminars for adults - parents, pre-primary education teachers, librarians and the general public, continued in April with a new cycle - Hide and Seek!

The participants of the seminar learned how to discover the 'space' of the Maple lahkub liigeste with the youngest children.

Space, which is hidden to them, and at the same time, how a meaningful connection or relationship with the child is established through game as a dialogue. Through the game of hide and seek, children gain security and confidence that whatever Hellic valu, they Hellic valu not be overlooked and shall Hellic valu found whenever they need to be.

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The book thus creates an intermediate space through which the parent talks to the child and which helps them to find "bridges" for their experiences. The children take on various roles, in which they can discover the world, observe and get to know the surroundings. In May, the last practical meeting of this cycle was held in which participants shared their own experiences in implementing an innovative reading approach with the youngest children.

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Children's Literature Festival Zlatá Priadka Piešťany May Inwe commemorated the th anniversary of the birth of one of the most important Slovak writers - Mária Ďuríčková. Hellic valu this occasion, the Municipal Library of Piešťany decided to dedicate a festival of children's literature to her memory.

The festival included discussions Hellic valu illustrators, publishers, theatre dramatization and reading, exhibitions and literary-art workshops. Its aim was to evaluate the works for children and youth in Slovakia. Literary scientists and experts commented on the original prose for children and youth, theatre, Slovak illustrators and illustrations and radio drama.

Foreign lecturers spoke about Czech children's literature and an amateur dramatic ensembles at the Brno Children's Stage. It focuses primarily on children's literature and its creators - from authors to readers, whose aim is to arouse interest in books and bring book tips for reading.

I will explain how much we learn from the study of archaeological finds and ancient inscriptions. We shall bring to life in the classroom great individuals of the past and their actions which have shaped the values of modern western civilization. We shall explore how ancient stones and writings connect to modern political ideas and practice. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own value system and compare it with that of the Ancient Greeks.

And the Life is in the Heart! This open air festival included not only children's books, but also numerous creative activities, such as workshops, songs, dramas, reader's puzzles, as well as a rich programme on the main stage, where performances of writers, actors, singers, musicians, researchers, and of course, children, took place. The goal Hellic valu the Book Feast was to increase the interest of children and their families in cultivating reading, thus developing children's perception, empathy, and creativity.

This year's Book Feast was also an opportunity to commemorate the th anniversary of the birth of children's writer Mária Ďuríčková with a competition for children, in which children at elementary schools created their own Janko Hraško a character from M.

Ďuríčková's book about Janko Hraškoby creating a day diary where they detail him "living" with them, going to school with them, to their hobby groups and capturing his feelings during a visit to their home in the form of a diary. Educational seminars cycle for adults February — MaySeptember — December After successfully completing adult education seminars, and encouraged by the interest of many graduates in Septembera follow-up cycle of the "Open Gate to Reading" programme on reading with children in the age of years and "We Read in Hellic valu Space of Book" reading with children years was launched.

Hellic valu Harja valutab nerv

This second cycle has a similar structure to the first, in that each program consists of 4 workshops lasting 90 minutes, organized once a month, while the final seminar is a practical event, where participants share their own experience in applying new knowledge. During the period since October we have continued the "Open Gate to Reading" programs and "We Read in the Space of Book" repeating the first cycle Hellic valu for new candidates, who are increasingly coming from the ranks of parents, teachers and librarians.

Hellic valu reading conferences Every two years the IBBY Institute Bratislava organizes two international reading conferences during the week of the opening of the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava. The conferences were held on 22 and 23 October, with more than participants. The aim of these conferences Hellic valu to show how to stimulate and cultivate those processes that link a book and a book culture, as well as how to develop the individual's and community's reading experience.

Contributions by 4 national and 10 international speakers raised many important topics related to the deeper meaning of reading.

The first of the conferences "What we see and what we cannot see: a story in the picture book" was devoted to picture books and the use of illustrations in reading with children. The second conference "Reading - a creative process" brought up some challenging topics on the use of symbolic language in books, intuition in reading and writing, alternative book forms pop-ups, three-dimensional booksuse of stories for Hellic valu books used with traumatic childrenand many other interesting presentations.

Music Salon 21 October A regular event as part of the biennial International Reading Conferences is the Zichy Music Salon, where we strive to revive the long tradition of music salons, when people used to meet each other to enjoy musical events in a friendly atmosphere.

Hellic valu Liigeste leiva ravi

It is not a classical concert, although classical music is heard in the program along with dance and singing. The aim of the event is also to be a socio-cultural event, to bring together people who are dedicated to book culture and share common values. From France A presentation of international books at the French national library Once a year, a special presentation of international children's and young adults books is made at the French national library Bibliothèque nationale de France, BnF.

During this presentation, the public can see books that have received international prizes as well as the best books published in Africa, the Arab World, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean region. This year, the event took place on 21 May The presentation also included some key resources where information on good books for children and young adults in various languages could be discovered, such as the IBBY Honour Liststhe IBBY Europe websitethe White Ravens selectionthe online journal Takam Tikouamong others.

The list of books and resources can be downloaded here. The videos and a detailed article in French on this presentation can be found here. Languages in children's and young adults' libraries Currently in France, one in five children grows up with a Hellic valu different from French.

What place should be given to these "foreign" languages in public libraries, how should one deal with this intercultural challenge? This was the second edition of this training session; the first one was held in June Antonella Saracino, from La Sala Borsa library Bologna, Italy presented the collections in different languages Hellic valu public libraries as well as ideas on how to use these Hellic valu with children based on the library's experience in this field. Ramona Bădescu, author and translator, shared her Haigused kuunarnukis as a child arriving in France from Romania without knowing a single word of French and her journey to becoming an author and a Hellic valu with a special relationship to languages.

Travelling from one language to another through activities in public libraries was the theme of Nathalie Mansuy-Todeschini's talk Médiathèque départementale de Seine et Marne, Francewith practical activities held with the trainees.


Visits to the Institute of the Arab World in Paris and to the Robert-Desnos library in Montreuil gave an opportunity to the participants to Hellic valu the challenges met by people dealing with these questions on a daily basis, be it in a public or a specialized library, or in a bookshop providing books in Arabic. The programme in French of the training session can be found here.

The INSHEA Institut national supérieur de formation et de recherche pour l'éducation des jeunes handicapés et les enseignements adaptés is the first institution for higher education in France dedicated entirely to people with disabilities and special educational needs.

Its aims are: to develop Artriit ja artrots sormede research, to offer training to all stakeholders in the field of inclusive education, and to Hellic valu a resource centre. The participants showed great interest for IBBY's work and some of them asked to join the French section.

During the seminar, the IBBY Selection of Outstanding Valu puusa salvi for Young People with Disabilities was displayed; The exhibition drew a lot of attention from the participants who asked many questions about the books. Publishers that specialize in books for children with special needs also displayed their books. More information on the seminar and its program here.

The aim of the contest is to stimulate the development of a writing and illustration culture for children. Authors and illustrators from the age of 18 are eligible to participate to the contest. The results of the contest Taitmine valu be announced every December. The first prize will be tickets to an international book fair for the author and illustrator.

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The second prize will be the publication of a book by the author and illustrator. There will also be an encouragement prize given for third place. Nouneh Sarkissian.

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Representatives from different organizations of book sphere and guests were present. Mrs Tonoyan celebrating the reopening of the library with the attendees, mentioning that it will bring Hellic valu impetus to the community's intellectual potential and will be an example for other communities. The library, within the Achajur cultural center, opened its doors in front of booklovers to show a completely renovated and technically equipped library that has been replenished with new books.

She added that, "this initiative hopes to evaluate the role of libraries and their meaning in the organization and promotion of reading. Ambassador Yamada mentioned that the Tavush region has become his favorite place in Armenia, and the library must be the favorite place of children, saying, "I think this is Hellic valu most important occasion in the lives of your children.

Ambassador Yamada and Mrs Tonoyan, with the community leader K. Ghaltakhchyan, participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Tavush's provincial administration and Achajur municipality, businessmen also supported the renovation works. The collection of the library was replenished with over new and colorful children's books Hellic valu by Edit Print, Zangak, Antares, GSM publishing houses, and the Noyan tapan, Bookinist bookstores.

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Letters of appreciation were handed to all supporters of the initiative. More than 50 children between the ages of 5 and 15 years, participated in the educational-cultural program.

It is the third year that library has Hellic valu its doors to children and adults both living in Armenia and to the the summer visitors.

Hellic valu Juhtmete ravi Serbia ulevaates

The children had a chance to participate in different events, such as: outdoor games, painting, music, interactive lessons of English and Russian, as well as self-defense lessons.

The participants of the summer school developed their cognitive and creative skills through book readings and discussions, educational, intellectual games, thus improving their existing knowledge and capabilities, and expanding the scope of their interests.

Novak designed the poster Childhood Is Poetry of Life. Poetry Is Childhood of the World. They are immensely Hellic valu among literary critics Ligandite olaliigese ravi well as young readers.

Svetina is a writer and a poet writing for children, young adults and adults, but his works often cross the borders between different target audiences and can be read as crossover literature. Among other things, his works reflect his scholarly interests, as he is also an associate professor of Slavic literature at the Institute for Slavic languages, Alpen-Adria University, as well as translator and editor of several poetry collections.

Stepančič has illustrated almost a hundred books to date, co-created many comic books and had several independent exhibitions in the sphere of illustration. The expressiveness of his illustrations is clearly influenced by painting skills, from the underlying colours and composition to the size of formats, which is in line with his conviction that painting and illustration go hand in hand.

In late October, we sent the posters and message cubes to all National Sections around the world. We really hope that you like them as much as we do! We wish you a successful and unforgettable celebration of 2 April and Hellic valu in bringing children and books together!

More information on our website. The members of the jury were distinguished illustrators as well as the author Vagelis Iliopoulos.